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Top 10 Facts about Marijuana top ten stocks

Awesome Stocks | July 17, 2012

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Just legalize it __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Observe THIS DOCUMENTARY: online LEGALIZE, TAX, & Control THE SAFER Option! AMERICAN Death Information(for each calendar year)! · Fatalities for each year ensuing from tobacco: 430000 · Deaths for every yr resulting from legal drugs: 106000 · Fatalities for each 12 months resulting from alcoholic beverages: 100000 · Deaths for every year ensuing from aspirin: a hundred and eighty – one thousand · Deaths that have ever transpired in immediate consequence of Cannabis: (Please RE-Upload THIS Video) Facts: · Farming six% of the continental US acreage with biomass crops (Hemp) would offer all of America’s Vitality demands. · Biomass can be converted into methane, methanol, or gasoline (which could remove our ties with the Center East) at a value similar to petroleum and hemp is considerably greater for the environment. · Hemp fuel uses up thoroughly clean. Petroleum causes acid rain because of to sulfur pollution. · The use of Hemp Gas does not lead to world-wide warming · Hemp seed can be pressed into nutritious oil, which contains the greatest amount of fatty acids in the plant kingdom. Essential oils are responsible for our immune technique responses, and can distinct the arteries of cholesterol and plaque. · The byproduct of pressing the oil from hemp seed is a higher top quality protein seed cake. It can be utilized to bake into cakes, breads and casseroles. Hemp seed protein is 1 of mankind’s finest, most total, and offered-to-the body
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25 Responses to “Top 10 Facts about Marijuana top ten stocks”

  1. df735 says:

    Wat you said fuc* yall goverment or whoever thats not leglizein it
    Cant yall see its not killin nobody and you see your medicine and pills and achol are killing people open your dam eyes cant you see that they have no fu*kin since yall are so stupid it would be so peicefull trust us people we kno the feeling even obama but they wanna run the world they way its just a plant! that releaves stress

  2. LongviewGD182 says:

    Exactly. Its not the smoke that causes cancer, its the ingredients in tobacco. If they had evidence that weed destroys brain cells or gets you cancer than they would parade around with it.

  3. LongviewGD182 says:

    UH NO IT DOESNT KILL BRAIN CELLS just saying. i smoke weed too :)

    There used to be speculations that it MAY kill brain cells, but there is no evidence to confirm it. More recent research suggests that it may actually stilmulate brain cell growth, but again, there is no concrete evidence on it.

  4. SteveZussou says:

    Hemp oil saved my mother from breast cancer! Check out Rick Simpson’s Hemp oil, I made it myself using the same techniques anyone can do it.
    Don’t let your loved ones perish at the hands of greedy pharmaceutical companies.

  5. PoisonKing12 says:

    Every one grab a joint

  6. AngelandKyra says:

    UH IT DOES KILL BRAIN CELLS just saying . i smoke weed :) 

  7. YosefSkato says:

    Ya should just watch in Netflix this documentary called “The Union: The business behind getting high” It’s teach you all about Marijuana.

  8. IzzyKush4 says:

    @MrChrisb0000 Actually In A Recent Study Shows That Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer Like Cigs Or Else They Would Be Showin These All Over The Place But They Dont Have One.

  9. TheZmanShow says:

    Best thing is, all of them are true.

  10. MrChrisb0000 says:

    I’d disagree with a few of these: Not that it matters but nobody can prove cannibis use for 10,000 years also no deaths caused isnt entierly true, lung cancer is rife now in people who smoked it in the 60s and never smoked cigs.

  11. ITSROBHERE says:

    i agree that cannabis should be re legalized but where are your sources man? you can’t call something a fact then not provide a source anywhere to prove those facts, why should people take you seriously?

  12. MrBigsXD says:

    Are you stupid?

  13. stephen7747 says:

    1 other fact u forgot to put, it reduces the chance of cancer because the THC attacks and eats away microrganisms that cause cancer and prevent cancer growth

  14. stephen7747 says:

    wow rly…just because ur not straight doesnt mean u can confuse straight facts from mythes. everything in this video was cold hard FACTS :)

  15. Vipstephen says:

    Almost all of these facts are wrong. If you’re going to do this, do it right. There have been several deaths caused by marijuana, it is addictive, and it kills many brain cellls but medicalllly it can be used for good reasons

  16. GavinGaming says:

    hemp has been legalized in the uk now

  17. spursfan112 says:

    yeah absolutley!
    ignore lies from school, adverts and stuff like that

  18. photoadict95 says:

    @pojo205 I’m republican and I love to smoke haha

  19. pojo205 says:

    i hate republicans. Them and the pharmaceutical companies are the only reason why it’s still illegal. Dirty politicians, this place is no longer Land of the free, home of the brave but Land of the greedy.

  20. mrblack215 says:

    once a drug is made illegal, politicians can no longer have a civilised conversation about it

  21. andreasyoman says:

    someone watched the union….

  22. OhFuhh says:

    @MrGauttham Yes. You can google all of this on legitimate websites and watch the documentary The Union here on YouTube. It’s in different parts and user “willnotobey”

  23. MrGauttham says:

    is it true?

  24. a7xdeathbats6661 says:

    whatsthis song called

  25. DGAFMAN2 says: